Requiem (aka "Rock Requiem")

For Soprano, Baritone and Bass Solosits, S.A.T.B. choir, orchestra and rhythm section.

Premiered in Shrewsbury in 1988, this was my first large-scale work for Choir and Orchestra. The work begins rhythmically, making use of the percussive nature of the orchestra and rhythm section, leading towards the "rockiest" movement, the Benedictus. The music then takes a significant shift into a more orchestral tone, from the Agnus Dei through to the final section.  The Agnus Dei carries one of the most melodic themes of the work, after which the tone darkens into the Dies Irae. Following it's explosive finish, the Lord's Prayer meditatatively leads into the Lux Eterna and an expression of Everlasting Light which is evident til the end of the work.

These extracts are taken from the Premiere in March 1988, performed by soloists from Shrewsbury School, and the neighbouring community. The large choir consisted of choirs from the school, community and other local schools, and the orchestral score was performed by College/University musicians.

1 Reqiem Eternam
2 Gloria
3 Sanctus
4 Benedictus
5 Agnus Dei
6 Dies Irae
7 The Lord's Prayer
8 Lux Eterna
9 Requiem Eternam
Duration - 45 minutes.



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1 Requiem Eternam (Chorus and Orchesta)


2 Gloria (Chorus and Orchestra)

3 Sanctus (Tenor Solo, Chorus and Orchestra)

4 Benedictus (Tenor Solo, Chorus and Orchestra)

5 Agnus Dei (Soprano Solo, Chorus and Orchestra)

6 Dies Irae (Bass Solo, Chorus and Orchestra)

7 The Lord's Prayer (Chorus)

8 Lux Eterna (Chorus and Orchestra)

9 Requiem Eternam (Chorus and Orchestra)

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