Eugor's Return

Music by Alexander Clarke

Book and lyrics by Richard Warner

For narrator, eight soloists, SATB choir and orchestra (or piano)

(The musical extracts used below are from a demo recording using voice and keyboards. It is not a representation of the orchestral score, but is designed to give an impression of the work.)

Little girls celebrating birthdays do not often find themselves high in the sky suspended in a basket hanging from a brightly coloured balloon. Lucy is lucky enough to have such a birthday treat, but little does she know that, as she climbs into the basket, she is about to embark on an adventure she will never forget...

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Bad weather forces the balloonist to land, and Lucy finds herself in the..

Land of the Ghlanes,

Strange elf-like people whose appearance and apparel resemble the very landscape into which she has fallen. Elbmur, the one who greets Lucy, introduces her to his companions. Ortseam, Noriela and Amgine. Elbmur tells of how their King, Eugor, was taken from them so many years ago and how it is now the time for them to travel to the land of Saolflane, the Prince of Evil, to find Eugor and rescue him from the dungeons in the Land of Snow.

Elbmur's Song

Lucy is thrown into the confusion of this adventure, hardly daring to question their urgency, especially since they insist she is now their leader and she will surely lead them to their King.

The journey begins with a spirit-breaking march across endless desert under the razor-sharp glare of the sun.

The Desert

The eerie gloom of the winter mountains follows with a complicated encounter with Zarid, the Wizard.

Zarid the Wizard

Then they collapse into the Land of the Snow and a strange companion leads them to the dungeons where Eugor is found, not before an alarming encounter with Snowball, the Guard, nearly puts an end to their journey once and for all.

Eugor's release throws Lucy into a romantic haze giving her better reason to carry on, as our adventurers move through the forest and head towards the catacombes which lead to Soalflane's castle.

Imagery and evil, the power of the mind and the extraordinary gifts contained within the very clothes worn by the Ghlanes produce a stunning climax to the story which eventually leads Lucy back to the meadow whence she came.

The powerful presence of these strange people leaves Lucy wondering at the fine division between fantasy and reality, good and evil, and yet convinced that her love for Eugor would stay with her forever and that one day he would return.

The Return

© Richard Warner / Alexander Clarke

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